Meet Planted Aquariums Central

I am a fellow hobbyist that turned my love for anything aquatic into a small homegrown business. I have been growing and selling live aquarium plants for over 10 years. I specialize in quality live aquarium plants. I would never sell anything that I myself would not be proud of having.

I am located in Hereford AZ.

Our Policies

I make it a priority to get your order shipped ASAP because I know when I buy something online, I look forward to receiving it as soon as possible.

I ship USPS Priority, Express, and UPS. I ship USPS Priority and Express Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday for a Monday or Tuesday delivery.

Most people choose USPS Priority due to the cost but please understand that USPS priority is not guaranteed to reach you in 2 to 3 days. They actually have 14 days to get your package to you before they can be held responsible. 95% of the time they do get your package to you in 2 to 3 days but 5% of the time they misroute the order, which can take many days to reach you.

Please understand I CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE if this happens to you. Only USPS Express or UPS is guaranteed.  I ship UPS on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Only UPS 1 Day or 2 Days will ship on Wednesdays as UPS does not deliver on Saturdays.

I do have a live arrival guarantee on all my plants if they are delivered within 4 days. If it takes longer than 4 days due to the shipping company losing or misrouting the package, I will work with you to come out with a fair decision for both of us.

If your plants do show up DOA, I will need a picture of the plants emailed to me within 4 hours of the first attempt to deliver. Please email the pictures to pictures@plantedaquariumscentral.com.

cannot be held responsible that the plants will continue to grow and flourish once you put them in your tank. You may ask why and the answer is very simple. Live aquarium plants are just that: they are alive. Many factors go into keeping live aquarium plants healthy and thriving. From water conditions, temperature, lighting factors, how you plant them in your substrate, what kind of substrate you have, the use of fertilizers and CO2, to whether your tank has ever had medication used in it such as Ich medication, to any plant-eating fish you may have, and etc. 

I cannot be held responsible for the plants doing well for you. I can only be held responsible for sending you healthy live aquarium plants and that is what I will do. If you are new to growing aquarium plants, please read up on them. There are tons of information out there on how to grow aquarium plants and the products needed to grow them and keep them thriving. You can find some great information HERE.

Shipping is the buyer’s responsibility on all exchanges or returns.

By placing the order, you, the customer, agree to these terms and conditions which can also be found HERE.

All shipping charges are calculated before you pay so you know the exact cost.

I ship to all locations within the United States and U.S. territories including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Sorry, I do not ship to other countries at this time.