ANUBIAS FRAZERI- tall anubias


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Anubias Frazeri is a great Anubias for mid-ground to background placement because Anubias frazeri is a tall Anubias Specie. It Can grow up to 20 or more inches tall.

Anubias Frazier will hold up to cichlids and other tough settings.

As with all Anubias, it does well from very little light to high light.

Hardiness: Very Easy

Light Needs: Low

Plant Structure: Rhizome

Family: Araceae

Genus: Anubias

Location: Mid-Ground to background

Growth Rate: Slow

You are buying a rooted plant that will have five or more leaves and is averaging approx. 5″ tall.

Planting instructions

You can plant Anubias on driftwood, between rocks, or aquarium decorations. You can also plant them in your substrate, but make sure you do not plant any of the rhizomes in your substrate, only the black roots that come off the rhizome. Please go here for more information on planting.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7 in


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