Anubias nana narrow leaf


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Anubias Nana Narrow Leaf

Anubias Barteri Var. Nana Narrow Leaf are great plants that do well from low light to high light tanks. You can attach them to driftwood, aquarium decorations, or plant in your substrate. If you choose to plant them in your substrate, only bury the roots, not the rhizome. Anubias Species are great for those shaded areas where much light does not get through such as under Sword plants.

Anubias Nana Narrow leaf look is much like Anubias Nana except the leaves are about 2/3 the size and they stay much more compact then Anubias Nana.

Hardiness: Very Easy
Light Needs: Low
Plant Structure: Rhizome
Family: Araceae
Genus: Anubias
Region: Africa
Location: Cameroon
Size: 2-4 inches
Growth Rate: Slow

You are buying 1 Anubias nana Narrow-leaf that will be approx. 2 1/2″ wide by 1 1/2 to 2″ tall with 7 or more leaves.

Planting instructions

You can plant Anubias on driftwood, between rocks, or aquarium decorations. You can also plant them in your substrate but make sure you do not plant any of the rhizomes in your substrate, only the black roots that come off the rhizome. Please go here for more information on planting

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7 in


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