Aponogeton capuronii bulb plant


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Aponogeton Capuronii is a large bulb plant that grows long and curly leaves. It is extremely decorative and grows very tall making this aquarium plant suited for larger aquariums. Aponogeton Capuronii bears similar characteristics to Aponogeton Ulvaceus except the leaves are more narrow and curly and are still relatively rare in the hobby. This plant grows tall and makes a striking focal point in any large aquarium.

Half of the bulb should be buried into the substrate to facilitate growth. Avoid completely burying the bulb as this can promote bulb rot.

You are buying one bulb with four or more leaves and is averaging approx. 6″ tall.

Hardiness: Moderate

Light Needs: Medium

Plant Structure: Bulb

Family: Aponagetonaceae

Genus: Aponogeton

Region: Africa

Location: Madagascar

Growth Rate: Fast

For more information on caring for Aponogeton capuronii  please go here or here

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