Cabomba Palaeformis – Purple Cabomba


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Cabomba Palaeformis also is known as Purple Cabomba, is a beautiful, lush plant. Depending on the nutrients found in your water and the light intensity, this plant can range from dark green to reddish-brown, as shown in the pictures.

Cabomba palaeformis an undemanding plant that works well for fish fry as it provides terrific cover for them.

Cabomba palaeformis works just as well in your pond as it does in your aquarium. An excellent plant for providing oxygen and soaking up extra nitrate that might lead to excessive algae blooms.
Care Level: Moderate
Lighting: Medium
Placement: Mid to Background
Water Conditions: 72-85 F, pH 5.0-7.0, KH 3-8
Origin: North and South America
Family: Cabombaceae

You are buying one bunch, approx five or more stems.

Plant weight included in each bunch.

Planting Instructions

Stem plants are usually cuttings of plants that generally don’t come with roots. This is how stem plants are sold in the aquatic plant industry, although at times, my stem plants may come with roots because I have been growing them out. All stem plants come with a plant weight that holds the plant in place and is safe for your tank.

To plant, just let the weight lay on your substrate, and the stems will grow roots throughout your substrate. You can also plant the tips, about 1/4″ in your substrate if you prefer.

Please go here for more information on planting.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7 in


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