Dwarf Four Leaf clover – Marsilea hirsuta


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Marsilea hirsute, also known as Dwarf four-leaf clover, is originally from Australia. It is one of the most popular aquarium plants for the foreground. It is recommended for beginners to create a dense carpet. It grows slowly, but it is easy to keep because it is undemanding and can be grown in low to moderate lighting, although Higher lighting and carbon dioxide injection improves growth rate and promote more compact growth.

In the lower light situations, it produces bigger leaves with a single lobe.

No substrate or special water conditions are required

(temperature between 64°F – 82°F, pH 5 – 7.5 and GH between 1 – 20 DH).

You are buying one pot that will cover a 3″ area if planted in intervals. If left in the pot, it will cover a 2″ area.

The pots are full, and sometimes the lower leaves begin to yellow due to not getting any light. This is not a problem. Just pinch off the yellow leaves, and it will continue to grow new leaves.

Planting Instructions

Potted plants are started in rock wool. To plant, remove as much rock wool as possible. Most of the rock wool will pull off. If you have any left and want it off, shake the plants gently by holding them by the roots and shaking them in water. Leaving some rock wool will help anchor the plant in your substrate.

Separate the plant into 1/8″ pieces with roots and plant 1/8″ to 1/4″ apart in your substrate. This will leave room for the plant to propagate and spread. If you want instant gratification, you can plant closer. It will take more plants to fill in the area you want to cover when planting closer.

Only plant the root in your substrate, not any plant itself, or this can cause melting or shock. For more information on planting and caring for your plants, please go here


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