Dwarf Onion Plant – Zephyranthes Candida Dwarf Onion


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Zephyranthes Candida Dwarf Onion also known as Dwarf Onion plant is an easy plant to keep. It gets its name as the roots are coming from a bulb that looks like an onion.

Dwarf Onion does well from low to high light and soft to hard water.

Common Name: Dwarf Onion Plant

Family Name: Amaryllidaceae

Native to South America

Lighting: low to high

You are buying two rooted plants. They will be approx. 16″ tall.

Planting instructions

Dwarf Onion plants are bottom feeders, so only plant the roots, Not the plant itself (where the green starts) in your substrate. Planting this plant too deep can cause melting. Adding fertilizer tabs a couple of inches from the roots is suggested.



Additional information

Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7 in


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