Echinodorus PinWheel Sword Plant


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Echinodorus ‘Pinwheel’ is a great new sword plant for the aquarium. It gets its name from the curved leaves that it displays, similar to a pinwheel in appearance: narrow leaves and a small stature help this aquarium plant to resemble a Cryptocoryne in growth habit. Echinodorus ‘Pinwheel’ is an excellent choice for mid-ground settings in a large planted aquarium or makes a great background sword for medium to small aquariums. If you have been looking for a sword plant that won’t outgrow your tank, this is the plant for you.

Light requirements: Low to high
Temperature: 65-80 F
Hardness tolerance: soft-hard
Easiness: easy

You are buying a rooted plant. That will have 5+ leaves and be approx 5″ tall.

Planting instructions

Sword plants are bottom feeders, so only plant the roots, Not the plant itself (where the green starts) in your substrate. Planting this plant too deep can cause melting. Adding fertilizer tabs a couple of inches from the roots is suggested.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7 in


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