Java Moss – Vesicularia dubyana


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Vesicularia dubyana also known as Java Moss does not require any special attention. Java moss accepts all kind of waters, even weakly brackish, and all kind of light qualities. Java Moss grows best at 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a low light plant and makes a great foreground plant. Due to its clinging nature, Java Moss can also be made into a moss wall. This can be accomplished by folding a net and spreading the moss evenly across it. Then, the net can be secured together by polyester strings and held on the aquarium wall by using suction cups. It is a slow starter until it has established itself. It is especially popular among aquarists raising fry (baby fish), to protect them from cannibalistic adults. Java Moss can be easily propagated via division. It is suitable for both aquariums and vivariums.

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