Manzanita Driftwood – 5 x 9 inches


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Aquarium Manzanita Driftwood is much sought-after wood in the aquarium trade and is a naturally forking hardwood. It adds beauty and character to any aquascape. Shapes vary from gnarled and twisted to branching pieces with multiple limbs.

As a matter of fact, Manzanita’s hardness, unique qualities, and shapes make it the choice for Aquarium Wood.

Wood, rocks, and stones form the basis of the aquarium hardscape. Equally important, choosing the correct wood type and shape is imperative to a healthy and beautiful aquarium. There are different types of aquarium driftwood that come in many colors and shapes. Not just any piece of wood can be used for aquarium driftwood.

Apart from the beauty that Manzanita wood adds to your aquarium, there are many other advantages that it offers. Manzanita roots and stumps have thicker limbs resulting in great centerpieces. I like to use these Aquarium Manzanita Driftwood stumps to create an instant natural shelter. In addition, Slow-growing plants, moss, and runner plants can be used to make the stump look natural.

The piece you are buying is approx 5″ X 9″ as laying in the picture. You are buying the exact piece you see in the picture.

Our custom pieces of Manzanita Driftwood provide a beautiful collection of varying lengths and diameters. I have pressure washed each piece to remove debris and excess tannins. Not to mention, this allows the enhancing of its natural beauty.

Please soak the Manzanita driftwood for a period of time and it will sink to the bottom.

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