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Mini hairgrass is the shortest hair grass variety and is a superb carpeting plant, even in low-tech systems!

Mini Hairgrass (Eleocharis acicularis “Mini”) is a very popular foreground plant for the serious freshwater aquarium. This hardy, fast-growing plant can quickly “carpet” most aquariums. This plant is an extra-miniature variety that is ideal for the foreground of the aquarium.

This variety of Mini Hairgrass requires moderate to high lighting. It does not have to be pruned often unless more horizontal growth is desired. If used for carpeting the aquarium, it should be trimmed weekly to promote horizontal growth. It will grow very quickly in a nutrient-rich substrate. It will also benefit from CO2 supplementation, but this is not required.

You are buying one pot that will cover approx a 3″ by 3″ area if taken out of the pot and planted in small groups. If left in the pot, it will cover a 2″ x 2″ area.

Note: Potted plants are better to start with than “bunched” plants as they have their entire root system intact, making them less likely to go into shock when transplanted into your aquarium and spread much faster.

Planting Instructions

Potted plants are started in rock wool. To plant, remove as much rock wool as possible. Most of the rock wool will pull off. If you have any left and want it off, shake the plants gently by holding them by the roots and shaking them in water. Leaving some rock wool will help anchor the plant in your substrate.

Separate the plant into 1/8″ pieces with roots and plant 1/8″ to 1/4″ apart in your substrate. This will leave room for the plant to propagate and spread. If you want instant gratification, you can plant closer. It will take more plants to fill in the area you want to cover when planting closer.

Only plant the root in your substrate, not any plant itself, or this can cause melting or shock.

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